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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  April 25, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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bring in morore people it's good for us. >> all of ththese men love this country. and that will bring us b bk. chararles: on that great note, let's leave it t there. thanks for wching at home. we hbe doing extraordinarilllllecause of you. alalso lou dobbs i next. lou: good evenin i'm lou dobbs. we are less than 11ours to the pollening in the next primary contest. there is aot of polling, it's going to be a blout for donald tr tomorrow is set to be the biest y so far for donald trump th presidential primary season. in the five 8 that will vo tomoow, connecticut, pennsylvania, mary, delaware d rhode island, trump has a clear double-digit lea president never - -- neveceases
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to amaze. it's goverjohn kasich and can, have teamed up ted cruz have teamed up to strump. nothing they a doi is aimed at change tcome of tomorrowlections, and only donald tmp can win the 1,237 delegates necessarto win the do cruz and kasich addero and ro and couple with a highe number? trump pounced the news of their mbination and accused his rivals of cousion. >> honestlt shows such total weakne and it's pathetic. wh two long-timensider policians, establishment guys whher you like it or not, ve to collu and get together to try beat a guy that speaks wh the people want.
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we want our jobs b back, we want our military strong. lou: trump likely to t take up that cruz-kasich collusision tonight. he's's holng a campaign rally in wilkes-barre, pepencveins yeah, a -- pennsylvania a a key battleground state. also ed d roins and michael goodwin. and what t is charles koch of te koch b bthers thinknking? the nservativeve billionaire charles koch impmplying it's popossible he maybe might suppot hillary clintoton over any of te presidential candidate. how hillary responded to e even the possibility cocoming up here tonight. our top story. the republican presidentntial candidate e fighting it out in fiveve east coast primaries. 172 delegate at stake r ththe
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republicans and trump hohold a commananding lead in each of the states. carl cameronon with our report. reporter: five states are voting tomorrow and t trump leathe polllls in all of them. stilill the focus has shift ahed to iianana which doesn't vote until next tueuesday. cruz and kasich are teamaming u. because indidiana is winner take all. kasich will not compete so crurz willll have a bigger chance denying trump delegates.s. >> it's s good newews that john kasich has decided to pull o out ininana to give us a better chance.. reporterer: kasich noted the collabororation is cheaper and tactical because he measasur the best in the popolls agait the leleft.
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>> i don't have daddddy was wars giviving me alall this money. i'm in this race bececause up pe only one-d because i'm the onn one whwho can beat hillary clinton. >> you know it's collulusi. if you collude in busisiness, or if you collude in the stock marketet, they put you in jail. but in politics becacause it's a rigged sysystem, because it's sa corrrrupt enterprise. in politics you are allowed toto collude. reportrter: cruz added an elemet n north carolina's law allows transgdeder people to use restrooms assisigned to their bibirth gender. >> if donald trump dsses up as hillarclinton, he still can't go to the girl's bathroo think the american people ar lookfor leaders who embrace mmon sense and are willing t speak the truth.
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>>hile trump's new campaign team of promises he ll act for presidential, it hn't started toda >> he has a news conferee whwhen he's eating. i have never seen a humabeing eat in such disgusting shion. reporter:as kasics team tweeted they were looking f donal trtrump steaks, t no one seems to sell themnymore. trumsays is wishful thinking but they a serious about it. in wilkes-barre,ennsylvania, carlameron, fox news. lou: hillary clinton stching gears, focusing on the gener election. bernieanders isn't backing off. thsenator ising eyebrows when he resed to condemn a comment made by a surrogatthat
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some felt ght have gone too far. porter: hillary clinton is so confident she is on the rge of locking up this ce, , her aide are ruminatin on vice presidential picks. >> come ouof those towers and talk andisten to people. you just fly tt big jet in and land it and make a big sech and insult everybody you think of. reporter: beieie sanders has not gott the memo and won't stop attack her >> stary clinton has chosen raise her money a differe way. e has a number of supeacs. reporter: a cuous way to reach out toto clint it may be difficulwith clinton
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am liese david plouffe pressing sanderso get out of thrace by tweeting out t senator is ctting fraud by raising more money when knows there is little chce of victory. sanders' allies like row stereoaltonosario dalton. >> we are lilly under attack for not supporting ththe otr candidate.e. i'm with m monica lewinsky with that. bullying is d d anand we are beg bubullied. >> rosario i is a great actrtres and she did a great job b for u. what i wilbe doing i is an i ise oriented way. not by personal attacks. porter: clintnton is focused on
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contrasting heherself with the republblican heated rhetoric. a new tv ad featuring a song written for. and clintoseems to be getting a lot ofove from republican charles koch w said she could . >> better president th anyone the gop offere added clinton's actions will have toe didn't than her rick rick. as for clintonttacking clinton's private jet, s uses one on the campaign, t. lou: hillary clinton keeps doplayaying her email scandal but e intelllligence community is hardly cooperatating. they are taking the tttter very seriously. the intelligence community i is doingide-rangindamage assessment afterer 2,100 clinton emails were fofound to contain classified information.
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> the intelligence communitys work on n determining the coach any brbreaches tt may have resulted from the handliling of improper classified informatioi. we had channelels that weren'n't ewr on secretary -- t that weren't secure on n secretary clinton's home-brew server. lou: the pururpose now to ascertain n the degree of damage to national security. president obama announced totody he's sendiding 250 more special operions troops to syria to join in the fit against the islamic state. thisewew deployment brings the total number in syria toto 300. ssssia had 5,000 troops in the country to reducing it t80800 oooops. critics including a seoror member of the saudi i royal famy
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dismissing presidentnt obama's decision to deploy as quote windowow dressing. also the obama administratioion sending two f-2222 raptors to romania as a s show of strength for the perception of the entire russian n military. we'll take more of that anand mh more up withth national security analyst kt mcfarlan trump on t the vernal of another big victory in f five primary ststates. he's setet to deliver a knockout blow to john kasich and d ted cruz. is thehe crazy cruz-kasich combination assurae that trump will be th nominee? rmerean white use political director michael goodn joins usext.
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lou: billiaire charles koch says hlary clinton might make a betterresident than e republicans the republican imary.y. >> y couldn't see yourself supporti hillary clinton, coulyou? >> well,er -- we would have to beeve e her acactions would be quite different thanan h rhetoric. let me put it atat w. lo i like the what i said that. could you? could you? hillary clinton n tweeted she is quote not interested in endorsements from pepeop who deny clilimate science and tryo mamaket harder for people to vote. for the last severeralonths donald trumpmp has shown an uncanny ability to fesesee events. thiseekend he did it aga.
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>>ow we are down to two. i call it 1/2. i now call it one base call it half a and a half because they e both out. lou: that was trump dodoing math for the bebenefit of the fellas pepedded zero and zero and came witita nunumber higher than zero.. a day later cruz and kasicich dd indeed become one or somome fracaction thereof. joining me now, foformer. reagan white house pololitical director ed rollins. and michael goododwin. both foxews contribibutor good americans and good pa. it's nice to be with you. lou: doesn't it aze you trump is playing with you that tru is pying with it it turns
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out to presage what they d. he made the case thement is againshim, and to his supporterst's one of the eat he sethe has. i think it looooksike desperate pocs. ka h no money so it doesn't matter. in the cof cruz, cruz knows he has to win india u: he e hasn't got a chantnts it's going. >> if trump wins indiana, he's a big day tomorrow. he will probably win 1 delegates. and as you know, 54 those delegatein pennsylvania are not designated. there is 172 tomorrow. i think it will be 115 t t0 by the end of t day. d definitely a sweep. there isn't even a con.
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>> i think new york real stunned cruz. i cruz expected toet soelegates in new york. you recall date after the ne york primary cruz gave long speech where he attacked th mediand trump and now we see this strategy y ofryinto partner with kasich. i said at the time he was paniin this lks like not only a panicking move, but weak mov there no apparent strnt or advantage. 's not like voters are going to be aware this probably. lou: i believe cruz took off before the ection to californ, also was in pennsylvania befly giving up -- clearly giving up onew york. as we ok toward this impact of is in new mexico and oregon and indiana, is it going to hav
7:19 pm
an effect or will thislow up in if the face -- thisry mayor seasonas blown u up in the face both of these candides. is this anothedebt nation. >> iputs them both on the defensive. m not a defensive player. anthey are playing to lo in order make e trump lose. i don'think lit haen. lit gain more and more m in n acal. as far asr as far wil d as fars mr. koch eorsing hillary, i don't think he wouldld. he has tgive his money to sete cdidates and try to hold the senat lou: he's a guy with a different agenda thathe rank and file of the republican pty. we are watching a divide nr
7:20 pm
the republicanarty. i'm notalking about just nasty politics. i'm talking about you ha got money y vorcing itself from th voters. yoyou have got the votersaying to hell wi the establishment. the establishmt proving itself inmpetent over two previous election cles. where is thepportunity for ump unitehis party? >> he has touild a pololitical campai. e hillary people will be ful borend we need to pull thatt togeth and raise money. it's easier to do it insidthe party than outde the party. >> we talked aut the things trump nes to do. he has made progress on the delegate count. there is t question of uniting the major one.
7:21 pm
i think ump -- he may get more independent, almost certaiy in general election. but you have to stt with a good sol base. that rainso be done for him. lou: wre is that opporni righ now? he's got mananafort and -- >> this campaign is about t him, it's not aboutut staffff. you can have the best all-starar team in the world. this is about him.m. ase e gets closer and clos to puputtinit away, you don't talkk about you act presidenential. he has a big f foreign policy speeeech. hehe has to show substance on se of these fronts.s. >> we are seeing signsf f a growing maturity andnd sophistication. he starts with the name caining again. lou: hsasaid he's not going to blow it byby not being himself. i i ve him credit for that.
7:22 pm
hehe has to win and it's worki for m.m. hillary is looking at the general election, thinink he shouldtoo. >> the man has gotleast fofour years to be presidential. he can be himself. so thank you very y much appreciate it michael. be sure to vote in o poll tonight. thquestion is,oes the expression twoeads are better than one apply to uz and kasich? foll me on twitter at lou dobbs and like monacebook and foll me on twitter a ina grams. the russian militarhowing a bomb-proof armorhiel that protects a soldier from a blast.
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the soldier revealherself and the technician hanhea bouquet flowers. you have goto love the contrast, the juxtososition and the e irony. up next donald trump set to o ta the stage withthin the hour. in wilkes-barre, pennsylylvaa. trump says the cruz-ka ance will not work. >> it ows they are getting killed. rememb k kasich. i have a new nickname for hihim. 1 for 4141.. lou: we'll explain if we n needo in just a few moments. i'll have a few thououghts comig up in my commentary.
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lou: a few thougs now on one of the most zarre political maneuvers, referri this the crazy cruzuz, and kasich combination candidy. now one. -- add to that another conservative candidate, who has a freshman senator shut down federal gernment in 2013. whose positions on amnes and trade seem the tin frequent flukes and retire exanation to the voter they have bound emselves to one another,ot to win but t to dimini trump's results in 3 uoming state primaries, cz-kasich s a low opion of voter intelligence in the three
7:29 pm
ates belving the voterto be dumb enougho not notice the icy innocent insnsincerity of the candidatetes. cruznd kasich cann 't get their so-called -- what ist? liance right. here is kasich sounds li one of tho -- you know. >> ier i never told them n not to vote fofor me. i don't t see this is any big dedeal, other than fact i'm no going to sndnd resources in indidian so what. whwhat i is the big deaeal? lou: he askeked blushing, in say the of indndiana early votin opened april 5, mo t than 64,000alallots have been cast for a republicanan, last month
7:30 pm
marco rubio, told ohio vototers to vote for kasich iththey wawantedo o stop trump, but rubio susuppt had evaporated before tha ankakasich has not won a contest since e ohio. w what is the deal with their deal? cruz and kasich, look weaker than ever. ththey look just like the establishment tools that t trump has been raililing against, and this will only driveve in my opopinion, his voter supportrt even h higher, cruz and kasich have now offended see e of fairirplay, that is a fundndamental value for nearly all americans, certainlyhehen it com t to elections, trump is the cdididate, champions fafairplay. whether agaiainst rigged g.o.p. primary process that disenfranchizevovoters in a number of states or agains the collusion of t the establishmenanand two ndndidates, against the parties front rurunner. and i think c could call him
7:31 pm
ththe presumptive knol nominee. someone should rinind messrs. cruz and kasich eieir il brilliant but disastrous liaison veves, donald trump whwhat he asked foweeks ago, one opponent at a titimetrtrump should w write a book, it seems to me on successful negotiation and desired outcomes. now quotation ofhehe evening this one from bebert knight. he did endorseononald trump today. >> i think we a a people are always prone to thk k about, tomorrow will be a bettedaday. well, why will ibebe a better day? and i think atat more that we believe e that doing things better, doining the right thing rather than hoping that is going to happen, let's make happen. >> wre coming right back. >> pnsylvania voters are leaving the demratic party
7:32 pm
and oves and turning to trump and thg.o.p. >> i really want to fight hillary, i really do i want to figh h. >> don'tnow if she will be easier or haer b t that is one that i want toeat. lou: whawill impact ben tomorrow's primary, congressmamike kelly will join us with his outlookn the all impoant pennsylvania ection. a quick action of that policeman at busy intersection, prevented commuters om having very bad day, stay with u we'll beight back.
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see if yoyou're eligible for 12 months free at lou: trump maintntaining a doublele digitit lead ahead of tomorrow's pennsylvaniaa primary. trump campaign f focused on capting votes of disgruntltled democrats or than 60,000 democrats haveve abondnd d dan , abandoned theieir party to ve vote for trurumphis year. we should d point out, 145,000 w registraonons of republicans in pennsylnia, more thaprevious 4 years. >> t that is impressive, when i go home, i i buy my
7:37 pm
prescriptions at kmart, i i do shopping at walmart. people back k home are looking at this,s, saying, i did not realize our vote is s not going to count, , we'll have delegates who we elect, , they wilill not represent us. lou: 54 of them. >>4. that creates aroroblem, but otother -- you look atonald trump he talks the way peoplple, steel workers s talk, people who makeke a living on their feet, using their hands,armersrs, miners, he i is a strong candidatate ththere. lou: why doesn't the republicanan party g it, why doesn't pale ryayan your speaker. >> he is talkingng about putting up an agenda, thank you, mrmr. speaker, but i don't't t think e care what the speaker r thin. momost of the people. and we sure e don't want to you
7:38 pm
compete with either the partrty platform or the presumptivee nominee or the nominee when we comes out of clevelaland. what is ththatat about? >> well,l, i think it goes back to the w way things have always been r runi have great respect for the speaker byhe way. lou: a nice fella. > but it coming down to you have t to know people, what it is at the end d of the day what makes peop v votfor you. atat is it you say or doing that makes people geouout and vote for you, people r rig n now are excited they w want to vote, and we're tryingng to tamp them wnwn. lou: we, certainly the p party seems to be. the party apparatus. anandd some atate apparatus, pal ryan is aacking the prpresumptive nominee,y call h that, don't ananyway it could be a anyonelslse, neither does our audience we p pled on this. i don't get the deal w with the
7:39 pm
repuicicans you have a mor foformidable power house in hillary ininton, it is going toto take everything you have, you have people playg g swirl squirrelgagames like the speaker, some esblishment mbmbers, give me a break. >> they thinththat opponent right t now is dalald trump, for me it is nerer hillary, we have tcocome together to win. lou: you mean these opople arere dumb enough they r really think he is the problem?m? >> well i tell you what. lou: he is so mimirroring just in your r wos, mirroring and reresonating the values of the american voter rigightow, i set americicanoter, you know. precisely because, he talking g to independence, lking to -- you u know everyone. not just republicans. > he had a great traction, where e i am from if it waddles like a duck and cracks l like a duck, the republican partyty
7:40 pm
right now is a ducuck, they are ducking g the fact they have to beat hilry clinton, nonot donanald trump, you have to beat hillary, it is never, nenever, never hihillary. we wororry too much internally ouout who are opponent will be. if we e don't follow the will of our vovoters we will never win on n november 8. lou: it isis the moronic leleadership of the republican party and prprocess they guided over course of last two elections cycles they y have been losers. yet we have to hear r them quacking if i i may continue yourur metaphor, they keep quacking l like a duck that gloats, i i am giving this -- metaphor a rest. >> metaphors a g good, i think if you talk about t republican party y looking at last two presidenti e eleions, back home there is an old saying, you shshoot urself in the foot and wonder why you are limpmping. we don't undersrstand why
7:41 pm
we're losing thehen we losee again. i am - -- we have got to stop hiary, never hillary is thee mantra. lou: i use a texas expression.n. you knowow, this time i think the voters are ready to buburn y'all'l's barn to the ground.d. thats a metapho a figure of speech. but thisis is not aime for to me, a cavalier attitude t today the expression of ththe people's will, that is represented by those millions o of people out there vovoting weaker have states -- we have stateses they are not givinghen a votete in pennsylvania, 54 unbouound delegates, you think that is wrong? >> absbsolutely young. lou: why isn't it changed. >> it has gone so long thahat way, they n't ununderstand it they, you would think -- > give me a -- >> in our party, l listen there
7:42 pm
are pepeople that run the party. that i is who they are. but the real winners, for republicanan party, will be people whoho come out in vote for our candidate, when weeing frofrfracre inside, if we i guarantee we willd, lose. lou: i give yogreaeat credit congressman. folks, have to start t talking hohonestbout unbnbound delegates in the nonsense, thihis republblican party said that is the way it h has been, that is the way it h has tbe. >> there i is a smell. you anand i would agree, unbound and uncommitted,d, means you don't trust them to makeke the choice, so you make it foror them. if they say,y, vote my conscious, howouould you go against t that. lou: who w will delegates be? >> we don't know, there will be a l list of names because you don't know, you don't know howow ey will vovote, i willll tell
7:43 pm
you our voters will ststrike a markho t they want our nominee to be. lolou: i have a filing we'll s e mighty, mimighty passionate polls at those levers andd prpresses on those penens forr elelectronic voting tomorrow in pennsylvania. >> never hillary, never giveve up, and refuse to lose. >> well, i have to s see it before i belieieve it. >> listen. lolou: you are showing us everything but that righght now, i take your r pain, i appreciate your optimimism. >> thahankou. lou: congressman mike key, unbeevable video out of china, video with a quick thinking cop who niced a crack in the conete of a busy intersection. justike that minutes afr he bcked off the area, that stre collapses into a giant sinkhole, no one was injur amazing. >> u nt, president obama sending more of outrtroops to syria.
7:44 pm
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lou: joining us totonight, kt mcfarland.. i made fun of ththe dispatch of two f-22s r romania. >> everyryone is scared. lou: mush russian militaryry, what i in the world arare we doing? >> notot any of it. we're e esident obama wants to buy time, he has a pblblem with russia, a proem withh an, a probm with isisisnd a problem with chinana, he will kick the can down the e road, and let the next preresident worry about those problem m so barack obama can sayay, i didn't start this war in iraqaq that was george w w. bush, i didn't losese the wars that is the next guy. lou: it is frighghtening in yes 92 disisturbing. it makeses me worry a lot, to ththink that we have people in
7:49 pm
the military dispatctch two aircraft, to romania. for evenf a a one element of a general response to a strategygy i thinink threat. that is -- strategic thrhreat. >> it encouges s putin to take morad ntage ofof it, if this is all we can to to o std up agaiainst aggggression. all we do is send a couplele of planes. lou: and a secretary o of state whinining about a russian t fighter ththat does barrel rolls over a s surveillance 135, instead of sayaying, we'll show them how to do that barrelel roll.. just stand by. that is s not u.s. military? that is not ststate department that is nonothe way to react, it i is -- these are a group -- this administration seems to meme are a group of defeaeate
7:50 pm
holo caricatures of something that w we don't want to possess longerer thahan constitutional deadadline. >> peace t through strength? we're not getting peacace we're not strong, carrrry a big stick, walk softly, we're notot doing that either.r. we should d be doing, is be quiet ababout it reenforce nato, reinstitute s straim strategic defense. u:u: north korea now launchingng mimissiles from submarines, russia, chin workingng together. they arere creating a a critical mass for strategic threat.t. and there do not s seem to be any response on the papart of ththisis administration n or cry from our penentagon. >> president's response e to that is great tide of historyy will help hihim, he on the right side of hihistory, and whetether it is china, russia, isis or -- theare on t the
7:51 pm
wron sidwrong side off history. lou: nicely has that kind d of pressiance and knows where the demamarcation line is between national successnd -- wellll failure. ktkt great to have you here. >> thank you.. lou: up next, hillary ton spending more time aacking trump th sanders, how worried e, trump spesperson k katrina wiln will join ust. we go to pennsylvania to lookk in on donaldld trump and his rally issue st w with us. could be a bst.. can't find a s single thing to wear. will t they looking atat my hair?? won't be the samame without you bro. ♪ wht's go, go to the site wite right room, rewards and savings upo 20% when you book di.
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7:55 pm
lo d donald trump, those are live pictures ofof donald trump in will -- pennsylvavania, a campmpaign rally there, 10,000 people ther there. 71 delegates at stste in pennsylvaniaia. he holds a 20 point le trere trump, called on both senatorr crcruz and governor kasich to exit the r race. so that rerepublican party, can unite wiwith defeat hillary clinton. joining us tonight i is trump campaign national spokeswowoman, katrina p pierson, great to have you here, as y you are here, we'll watch your bossss as he is talking toto the folks in wiwi s
7:56 pm
-- these numbers youavave to be. thrill what is your reaction? >> we are thrilled. mr. trump has bebeen able to get his message out t inspite of a lot of media filters outut there anand other campaigns sparing his worries s and creating ththr own nanarrative. mr. trump p right now is talking about jobs, tradade the economy, they are important to o the worker, we finally have a candndidate that is putting the amererican family first for a change. lou: we have a c candidate, who has been as you suggestion. caidates are tryryg to suggestion he lackexperiencece in foreign p policy, yet every
7:57 pm
issue, o of which i am aware he brought upn n national policy ether nato oisraelel, whheher it is burden sharing amongst european nations, or regard to nato or otherwise, china, russisia, he has been -- he has not been wrong on singngle issue that heard him discs withins s contexext of foreign policy, , that in and of ititself to me is remarkablble. >> that is becausese you have a candidate, that is not speaking on insider polilitics he is not beining funded by organinizations that benefit from keepiping the system the way it is. that is what has been n so refreshing about this campaign, anand meeting so many peopople, who like yourself, i ree with that, even thouough you see the fighting in memedia with other camampaigns, ey know, people know w something is wrong with the system in thihis country, d donald trump can fix that, but not only can h he fix
7:58 pm
it but he will, he i is not behoenen to the specia interests to w want to keep ththings the way they are. lou: today he was urging, bothth kasich and cruz, to withthdraw from t the race.e. in ordrd to as he put itnite the party, the e prospects of thatat are sm perhaps and none.. but it is seems to be an interesting signal to send them, what is your judgment t on the likelihood of that heaeard by the oppososition, and received well? >> i think we haveve, are two campmpaigns, who have been rejected, for the most part t by the voters, they are two institution alcan tes, onlnly reason thehey are still in the race to try to prevevent for trump from -- mr. trump from winning the nominationon, he is going toto win the nomination, they should drop out, itit is time to unitththe party, any
7:59 pm
rerepublican that says i will never vote for t trump, you are not really a republican, if your answewer to elect hillary clinton, maybe y you are ththe one that n needs to find a new paparty could we're ready to consnsolidate, join forces and fight for novemberer. lou: we'll bring up donaldld trump in a moment, as we liststen inn. >> saddam m hussein would hit somebody with gas, someone would complainin, then others hit gas, they move 10 fefeet, what did we do? we destrtroyed military cape bill tiability of one of two nations, now, , rain is takin iran is taking over iraqaq as sure as s you are standing here. lou: donald trump i in wilkes-barre, addressing issues so many people wanteded to j jump on him, now he has
8:00 pm
people paying close attentntion, months so-called media elites, yoyou know them all. katrina great to have yoyou with us >> thahank you. lou: on-line poll 93% ofof you said that ted cruzuz- well might drop out. that is itit for us. ♪ kennedy: i was s so worried that rerepublican side of presidential race gotten t to normal a and boring, and addicted to chaos, i was worried that donald trump'p' convinincing new y win, a normal see pledge would dry up my main line, b e drama addicts running for president are as hped up as i am and lunacis back in business, d cruz, and john kasich made a deal to mp the devil. a hail mary t desperation, has both men stepping asi in certain


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